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switchport trunk native vlan

To configure the native VLAN ID for the virtual Ethernet interface, use the switchport trunk native vlan command. To remove the native VLAN ID from the virtual Ethernet interface, use the no form of this command.

switchport trunk native vlan vlan_ID

no switchport trunk native vlan

Syntax Description

vlan_IDVLAN ID of the native VLAN when this port is in trunking mode. The range is from 1 to 4094.

Command Default


Command Modes

Interface configuration mode
Virtual Ethernet interface configuration mode

Command History

5.1(3)N1(1)This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

This command does not require a license.


This example shows how to set VLAN 3 as the native trunk port:switch# configure terminalswitch(config)# interface vethernet 1switch(config-if)# switchport trunk native vlan 3switch(config-if)# 

Related Commands

interface vethernetConfigures a virtual Ethernet interface.
show running-configDisplays the running system configuration information.

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