Exchange Server 2013 In-Place Archiving

Ok for those of you looking to find a way to move or migrate your email over to Mac Outlook 2016 from Mac Mail. Here’s a real simple method.

Let’s assume that you have been using Mac email and your email was setup as a pop or IMAP account. Now you want to switch your email account over to office 365 or Exchange environment and start using Outlook for Mac 2016. So you’ll have to migrate your mail over to Outlook for Mac.

Super easy…

1) In your Mac email app, setup another email account but select “Exchange” as the email configuration. Then enter your email address. (even if it’s the same one that you already have setup as a pop or IAMP account)

2) Now you have you should have two email accounts configured in your mac email. The old email account (pop or IMAP) and one that will say Exchange.

3) Go to your old email account in mac mail and select ALL emails then drag them over to the folder called “Exchange.

4) Now all your email from your old account will sync to the new email account called Exchange. That’s moving all your emails from your pop or IMAP account that are stored on your notebook to Office 365 or exchange (in the cloud)

5) Open Outlook for Mac and configure your email address there and it will start pulling down all your emails you just dragged over.

Now you have your emails from your Mac email to your Mac for Outlook. Also be sure to copy over your sent and deleted items as well.

Hope that was helpful…this is what I was looking for but couldn’t find and finally figured out how to do it.

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